Cyanotype Workshop Jax

Artwork / Thursday, January 23rd, 2020

I had the opportunity to teach a cyanotype workshop this month in Jacksonville, FL at CultivateJax. First let me say that Cultivate is an absolutely inspiring and welcoming space and if you are in Jacksonville you must visit!

Cultivate Jax | January 2020
Image Credit @carmencayart

Secondly, this was a super short trip but this was my first time being back in Jacksonville since moving to Chattanooga and I had such a great time seeing friends and eating at some of my favorite restaurants! I’ll definately be back for another workshop and if you want to be informed about future workshops sign up for blog updates here.

The clouds didn’t cooperate much the day of our workshop but the (pouring down) rain stayed away and we were able to walk to the community garden and collect and ID some plant species on our way. Some of the photos I took that day will tell the story better than I could…

A collection of various species from our Discovery Walk
Image Credit @carmencayart | 2020
Deciding what to create next
Image Credit @carmencayart | 2020
Cyanotype artwork arranged and processing in the sun
Image Credit@carmencayart | 2020
Artwork processing without glass covering. This can create an interesting final print!
Image Credit @carmencayart | 2020
Hanging our cyanotypes up to dry inside
Image Credit @carmencayart | 2020
We used wax boxes to catch any drips from drying pages
Image Credit @carmencayart | 2020
Artwork bathing in water in the sink
Image Credit @carmencayart | 2020
Beautifully pressed flowers someone brought from their yard
Image Credit @carmencayart | 2020
The cyanotype process is unpredictable.
This process is a fun way to “let go” of perfectionism and learn to go with the flow.
Image Credit @carmencayart | 2020

Literally the moment I started pull away from Cultivate (after packing my car with the help from two friends that stayed behind to help me <3) the rain started pouring down! I had a wonderful time teaching others about the cyanotype process. I truly hope everyone left feeling curious and inspired!

~ Carmen