Botanical Cards

Handmade Cards

My cards are made using the cyanotype process. Each one is carefully developed using the natural UV rays of the sun. I can add, change or vary colors to the artwork by using things you’d find in any kitchen like lemon or paprika, for example. Each card comes with the original artwork (size 4×6) and is glued onto a kraft-paper card. The artwork can be removed and framed.

Card details
Each card comes in sturdy plastic packaging that is reusable
Final packaging.
I can limit prints to Naturals only, Local trees only, Certain plants, etc.

If you’d like to carry these cards in your store I am open to several options, including wholesale.

Please contact me at [email protected]

plastic-free wrapping

Printed Cards

These cards are designed with artwork from original pieces. They have a clean look and come with a crisp white envelope. The cards have been printed and I am in the process of making mock-ups so they will soon be available for purchase.

Blue Fern Card
Sensitive fern card
Sea fern card
back of card with artist info