Cyanotype Workshops

“Hanging Out To Dry” (Image Credit @carmencayart)

Printmaking with cyanotype (aka sun prints) is an exciting photographic printing process. Sometimes results are predicable, sometimes they are not. The sun is our UV light source, and the sun and weather at the time will determine the intensity and sort of cyanotype prints produced.

“Processing in the Sun” (Image Credit @carmencayart)

Workshops include learning about toning and staining cyanotypes, and how the process can be adapted to other sources, like fabric. Attendees apply a hands-on discovery process and learn how to safely mix cyanotype chemicals, how to apply them, and the various surfaces cyanotype adheres to and how to create your own print!

Classroom attendees prepping their paper with cyanotype chemicals
(Image Credit @carmencayart)

This process developed in 1842, and the approach used in my workshop is much the same now as it was then.

“Making Art With the Sun” (Image Credit @carmencayart)

Whether you are new to cyanotype or printmaking, a workshop is a great opportunity to work with a simple and exciting sun-printing medium.

I really liked how Carmen gives her students creative ideas but also gives us the freedom to create our own individual pieces. It’s truly amazing watching as the sun does its magic on the cyanotype solution! ~ Sheena

Images from Chattanooga workshop @2019
Image Credit @carmencayart

I have taught cyanotype workshops in both Tennessee and Florida and I am willing to travel. If you’d like to learn more or host a workshop, please email me at [email protected]

~ Carmen