September Zoom Workshop

SoulCollage / Tuesday, November 10th, 2020

Hi friends,

I am late to the game on this post (since this class was in September) but I just had to share because this is the first one I ever did using Zoom. I also wanted to share some of our setups from all across the East Coast!

My personal setup had lots of light, a salt rock lamp and an essential oils diffuser
Another cozy setup from Chattanooga
A sunny setup in Chicago
Comfy setup from Georgia
This is a shot of a setup in Pennsylvania
Stacks of images from Florida
Another setup from Pennsylvania

Here are some of the cards attendees made during our workshop. Despite our workshop not being in person there was still a sensitivity to the process and a reverence regarding our cards.

Every card has a different meaning and is unique to its creator
SoulCollage card in process