Cyanotype Mobile

Artwork / Tuesday, January 19th, 2021
Say hello to my first fabric mobile! It’s a prototype for a larger piece

I’ve been doing a lot of quiet contemplation lately. 2020 taught me-not only is it okay to slow down-but it’s mandatory for the sake of my mental health. Over the past year I have spent time collecting photos, pressing plants, and learning how to give myself a break.

Part of giving myself a break means I create when I feel like creating and not because I feel some sort of push to be a certain thing or catch up to what I see someone else doing.

I found the piece of wood on a hike
Some tiny hand stitching with a button fern print on the bottom half

This series of fabric hoops has been a calm space for me. It’s a slow, contemplative, methodical process. This piece is a work in progress and is not actually finished.

This is an image taken on Roan Mountain in Tennessee
This piece was created with some water splashed on the fabric
I love this grasses piece. The size of the larger hoops is 6×6
Christmas fern
More hand stitching with Japanese Maple leaves on the bottom and Willow branches on the top
I use tacky glue to hold down the fabric on the back of the hoop

As I said above this is an in-process piece. I will eventually cover the backs with repurposed cardboard. I have a few hoops I will be finishing up this week that are not a part of this particular project so if you like the hoops jump on over to my website and check out the ones I have for sale 🙂

Website link HERE

Thanks for reading!

~ Carmen