Virtual SoulCollage Class

SoulCollage / Monday, September 7th, 2020

Hope is something we could all use right now and one way I think I might be able to bring some hope is teach people how to connect with their inner self through SoulCollage. SoulCollage has been a powerful way for me to explore and heal many parts of myself and I became a Facilitator so I could share the process with you. Keep reading to learn more about my upcoming (virtual) September workshop!

I created this card for my friend, Michael

WORKSHOP TITLE: The Power of Affirmations: Creating the Life You Want

ABOUT SOULCOLLAGE: SoulCollage® is a fun, intuitive art process of that combines the power of Image, Intuition, and Imagination often with profound results. Unlike traditional collage, SoulCollage is used to create your own personal deck of meaningful cards to consult for wisdom, inspiration and guidance whenever you need it. This practice is full of surprise epiphanies and can offer access to inner strengths and wisdom you didn’t know you had.

SoulCollage® has become a beloved conduit to my soul’s own intuitive guidance along with a source of inspiration, and empowerment. That is why, in 2016, I decided to become a SoulCollage® Facilitator. You can read about previous workshops here: You can learn more about SoulCollage® on the website: 

I made this card after spending a fun day with a friend-I Am One Who Celebrates Friendship

ABOUT THIS CLASS: In The Power of Affirmations: Creating the Life You Want workshop, we will use the SoulCollage® process to create visual representations of affirmations. Affirmations will be specific to you and you will have several to chose from (using a list I’ve compiled) or you can create your own. You do not need any previous experience with SoulCollage® to take this class.

In this introductory online workshop, you will:

  • Discover how image, imagination, and intuition work together to give our deepest selves a voice
  • Learn the history of SoulCollage®
  • Learn the basic structure of a SoulCollage® card & deck
  • Learn about the “I Am One Who” process 
  • Begin to create your own deck of personal cards
  • Practice a journaling method to explore your cards messages
  • Co-create in a safe and sacred online space that is welcoming, nourishing, and empowering for all who attend
  • Get a rich collection of SoulCollage® worksheets and related resources 

COST: Before the pandemic I charged $45 for workshops. I am offering this virtual workshop on a sliding scale basis because I deeply believe that we all need connection and I know some people could use the break in cost. Fee is $25-40, depending on what you are most comfortable with.

This card represents my dad

Fees are gratefully accepted via Venmo @Carmen-Joyce or if you prefer I can send you an invoice via Square. 

Before the workshop, you will need to gather:

  • Scissors or Exacto blades
  • A glue stick
  • Six 5×7 or 5×8 SoulCollage® cards (from their website), cut mat boards, or even cut to size cereal boxes, watercolor paper, or any other sturdy paper.
  • Whatever magazines, images, colored paper, and collage materials you can find. Make sure you gather several Images of: animals, people and backgrounds (landscapes/cityscapes/oceans, etc.). SoulCollage typically uses images only so there is no need to find text.
  • Box or plastic bin to organize and hold all collected supplies (trust me this will make things easier for you in the end\

FOR PURCHASE (BEFORE WORKSHOP): I have 1/2 inch stacks of curated, unique, pre-trimmed images available for $30 shipped to you. Please message me at least 7 days (or sooner) before the workshop if you’d like to order one.

Once you register, you will receive a welcome letter email from [email protected] and another with the Zoom link and password just prior to the workshop.

See you soon!

~ Carmen