SoulCollage Workshops

SoulCollage® is an intuitive collage process that uses:

Images. Imagination. Intuition. 

SoulCollage® was created by Therapist & Author, Seena Frost in the 1980’s.  I learned the SoulCollage® process in 2015 and became a Facilitator in 2016, under the loving and creative guidance of international author, artist and photographer, Catherine Anderson.

SoulCollage® brings your internal process to life and is a comfortable and gentle method of self-exploration. Creating and interpreting cards builds a space within oneself that encourages self-discovery and fosters deeper insight.

Workshops are uniquely designed for individual groups of 5- 8 people

What people have said after attending SoulCollage workshops

“Very eye opening, emotional and opens doors to explanations of self in a very unique way” ~ Megan, 2017

“The entire experience has been meaningful and I really found this whole process to be spiritually enriching and healing” ~Lauren, March 2018

“Your soft tone is a welcome addition to this experience” ~ Kay, 2018

“It was excellent and very emotionally rewarding” ~Mikhalea, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

How does SoulCollage differ from regular collage?

  • The card-making process is designed to access your subconscious, inviting memories, emotions or insights to the surface
  • The emphasis is on self-exploration and self-discovery, rather than creating art
  • The cards promote personal transformation and integration of our many aspects of self
  • The cards and their images create an ongoing narrative of our lives, connecting the personal and the universal
  • The collages contain no words
  • The cards are not copied, traded or sold; each one is honored as a unique representation of someone’s self, inner and outer
  • The four suits of SoulCollage honor the concept of the “One and the Many” and draw on Jungian psychology and the power of archetypes
  • Once created, the collages are meant to be consulted through Gestalt-like exercises; rather than be hung up and admired, they invite interaction through an ongoing relationship
  • As a trademarked creative process, SoulCollage is part of a global community of trained facilitators, conferences, and workshops

Email: [email protected] for details and to book a workshop