Blue Buddha

Artwork / Monday, August 31st, 2020

I am part of a writer’s group in SecondLife (virtual reality) and every week we are asked to think about a series of questions. This past week the question was: Literary/artistic pilgrimages – have you ever visited the site of an artist’s home or studio? Does it make a difference to you to see where and how an artist lived and worked? Has this made its way into your creative work?

One person’s studio that inspired me is the creative soul who trained me to be a SoulCollage Facilitator, Catherine Anderson. I remember walking around her studio taking photos and being inspired by every nook and cranny. There was a labyrinth (she built) behind her studio and the first time I walked it I understood something about my mother (a teen mom) I may have never understood otherwise. Here is one of my favorite images from her inspiring space.

Silent Buddha meditating amidst the books

I was going through some old images recently (attempting to organize) and discovered this one again. I can appreciate the calm stillness of it.

I typically use botanicals to make prints with cyanotype but I wanted to explore the process using photographs I have taken and I decided to start with this image. The following series of photos show my process.

This is the inverted version of the image. I do this in Photoshop.
After printing, I iron the fabric (it’s cotton)
I then place the fabric (rule of thirds) in a bamboo hoop
Now it’s time to decide on colors…red & white
It seemed appropriate to add a red string.
The back before I glue down the edges. I cover the back with thick cardboard.
The final piece!

I hope you like it and liked seeing my process! Stay tuned for more in this series.

I am also working on a virtual class you can learn more about in the upcoming weeks. If interested, save the date and follow me for more info!

Thanks for reading!

~ Carmen