Inspiration Journals

Artwork / Thursday, December 19th, 2019

A few things inspired me to make journals. One-I’ve been thinking about the journal I’m supposed to be working on through The Sketchpad’s due February and I’ve had it for almost a year. That sounds very artist-y doesn’t it? (Not doing something until the last minute)

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The very first journal I made

Second-FLOW magazine. FLOW is always inspiring but the paper lover issues are especially…special. They come out once a year and I sometimes allow myself to indulge in purchasing one. I do not yet have this years edition. FLOW is a Netherland based magazine and so far the only place I’ve been able to find the mag is at Books-a-Million.

I try not to use too many words because I want people to be more inspired by the images and textures of the papers

With these two things dancing in mind, I collected all the different papers I own and sat down at my workspace to construct a sensory explosion. I quickly realized that if I was going to make these journals magical, I needed more than just paper. I collected some old keys, tea bags, photographs, paper cutouts, beads, indigo dyed threads, and other ephemera and started creating!

I’m also adding a handmade cyanotype bookmark to each journal <3
and each one has it’s own unique energy, look, feel and “vibe”
This little girl comes from a very special book I decided to cut pages from
bits and pieces

I use a lot of different items in the journals and each are about 22 pages. I want people to feel like I do when I flip the pages of FLOW for the first time. The surprise behind a velum envelope could be dried flowers or a sticker of a cyanotype fern, clubmoss or maple leaves.

Tucked within the textured khadi paper could be folded up wallpaper, pages of an old book discolored by time, or vintage tissue paper.

love these colors <3

My hope is if you purchase one of these journals you feel inspired to draw, sketch, write or add more of your own inspiring artwork, magazine clippings, etc. into its pages.

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