These Hands

Artwork / Wednesday, March 11th, 2020

I think a lot about hands. My hands, your hands…animal “hands”. What would we do without them?

My gramma was born without a hand. Actually, her left arm ends at her elbow. It’s a genetic defect but when I was a teenager I remember asking her “Gramma, was great gramma on drugs when she had you?” She laughed and told me no. Oh goodness if you knew my sweet great gramma you’d laugh out loud. Her name was Emma and here she is with my great grandfather.

My great grandmother and grandfather

My grandmother is a mother of five. She is a retired English Teacher, Professor, and Volleyball Coach! She did her best not to allow her physical limitations limit her.


cyanotype and botanicals ready for the sunshine

Hands entwine with other hands. Hands hold babies, puppies, and other things we love. Hands make the things our minds come up with. We use our hands to build and to make-and even grow-the food that sustains us. We raise our hands when we have something to say. Hands are typing this right now.

processing time was around 3 hours

Lending a helping hand, being in good hands, walking hand in hand, in loving hands, getting your hands dirty, putting your life in someone else’s hands…we have a lot of sayings about hands. We clap with our hands. We create with our hands. We hurt others with our hands. We use them for protection.

cyanotype ready for wash
cyanotype hands hanging out to dry

Let’s not take them for granted.

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