Artwork / Tuesday, July 16th, 2019
Possibly the title of a new blog I’m thinking of creating. My Ancestors were Welsh and I’ve been feeling more at “home” lately.

Hi! I haven’t written anything since March because I’ve been moving…to a different state! I’m in Tennessee and I am LOVING IT! It’s beautiful here and I feel like I’m on a different continent. I’m outside every day exploring and taking it all in. I’m finding new plant species, hiking (there are at least 4 waterfalls about 15 minutes from my home), planting flowers, feeding baby birds (volunteering at a rescue) and making art! I keep saying I live in a rainforest. I’ve discovered new critters. There’s a really cool mist after a rain, there are SO many bug sounds at night and you can see so many stars. I find myself walking around in awe of just about everything.

Overlooking the Tennessee River Gorge

I’m also exploring a new process-cyanotype. I’ve been experimenting with it on fabric and different types of paper. I LOVE plants and this process just helps me go a little deeper with my knowledge of them.

I’m loving this process but it takes a lot of work!
Sun printing/Cyanotype Grasses

So you know how I did Riverside Arts Market in Jacksonville? There’s a market here, too. It’s HUGE and I’ve been stalking it to scope out the things they have. Well folks, I’m gonna tell you-mountain folk don’t want abstract art. (lol) I knew this after spending the summer in North Carolina (at an art school in the mountains) and it’s been pushing me to think of ways to use more of what’s around me, while incorporating more of my environment (without doing much damage).

I made this fern print and I’m keeping it 😉

If you follow my work you know I like to create assemblages and work with non-traditional materials, which you can read about here…but(!) I made a decision a long time ago that I want to make a living being creative! Many people prefer functional art so I’ve been working on how to do that since last year. Thats where the earrings came from!

Speaking of earrings I’ve been working REALLY hard on my website.
Check it out here

The bottom line is-you may start seeing some new things coming out of my brain. It’s interesting to think of the way our environment shapes us and it’s obvious to observe when you follow an artist (in this instance-me). My work in North Carolina was much different than my work in Jacksonville and I see the same thing happening here in the foothills of the Appalachians!

I’ve started working on a collection of cards that I want to try to get into some “locals only” type shops here in Signal Mountain and Chattanooga. (wish me luck!)

Each card will have an original piece of detachable art, the name of the plant species and it will be signed by moi

Thanks for reading and following along on my journey of creativity. I hope you find many things to keep you inspired. If you’d like to sign up for my newsletter you may do so here.

~ Carmen