Luna Moth-Commission

Artwork / Thursday, March 21st, 2019

Lots of people on social media comment about how much they love seeing my process. I like to take photos as I create art because I can go back and reference how I created something. This one took a lot of (gross) math.

I sometimes use stencils to make circles but I also use a compass. For this design I used both. This piece was a commission and I intentionally pushed myself out of my comfort zone to create it.
See? Math stuff. Color by numbers. Adding the names of the colors helps me visualize the final outcome. I can only create a piece of art if I can imagine it hanging on the wall. I then work toward that image in my mind until I get it right.
My artwork also requires a lot of heavy sighs and lots of staring

I probably worked on this part for 3 days trying to determine color and detail

Finally started to add color (IT’S SO PERMANENT!)
I wanted to add some geometric lines to my moth, but I hate geometry.
I’m also not super comfortable with color but alas you people are always wanting color *insert stressed emoji* Seriously though there was a lot of gold in this art piece and you can’t tell from the photos. Here’s a slanted photo of the moon to show some of the gold shimmer.
Here she is getting closer to being finished! I L O V E the contrast of black and white on the ferns! I also L O V E ferns! I wanted to add them because all life revolves around plants, including our lives.
Here is the final image titled “Queen Luna”.
I’m working on getting prints made and once they are ready I will list them in my Etsy shop. In the meantime, check out this button!

I will have these guys with me at Riverside Arts Market! Check my social media (Instagram and Facebook) to see when I’m there