SoulCollage | Feb. 17, 2019

SoulCollage / Monday, February 18th, 2019

I had a fun time this past Sunday hosting SoulCollage in my home for the first time ever! It was fun to prepare for the event by picking fresh flowers, thinking up just the right amount of sweet and savory snacks, digging out my ceramic and wooden trays for display, lighting candles, infusing the air with the aroma of essential oils and organizing my space so everything was perfect!

SoulCollage is a beautiful visual expression to use when you can’t use words. It can be used to summon your inner wisdom, explore your creativity, inspire or challenge you, encourage self-discovery and even gain deeper insight into your dreams.

Seven lovely women attended the workshop. Here are a few things group attendees had to say answering the following question: What specific experiences were the most meaningful to you?

“The realization that three images could come together to encompass such deep meaning”

“That I can learn more about what I’m drawn to visually and journal about it or use SoulCollage as a healing tool”

“The realization that I’m closed down to my inner feelings and I need to get back to meditating and journaling”

“I love that it forces me to quiet my mind so that I am able to look inward”

I am so grateful I get to do this for a living! SoulCollage merges all the things I love and provides direction for this beautiful process. If you are interested in hosting a SoulCollage workshop in your own home I do offer “SoulCollage Playdates” where the hostess fee is waived as long as we have between 5-7 committed attendees.

I also offer SoulCollage workshops for your business as it can be a great way to focus on a central theme or idea and increase collaboration and teamwork.

Email me at [email protected] to discuss!

~ Carmen