Makers Faire

Artwork / Wednesday, September 4th, 2019

I had the pleasure of attending the Maker’s Faire this past weekend in Jonesborough, TN. You may be wondering how I learned about it and why I traveled 3 1/2 to get there, but that’s easy. Before we moved to TN we did a lot of research and Johnson City is one of the places on our list. Joneborough is only 15 minutes from Johnson City and last time I was there it was Fall. Everywhere I looked was picturesque…

Johnson City, TN-Fall 2018

I visited Jonesborough when I was in Johnnson City and fell in love with it! I also got to visit the Mill Springs Makers Market and I was really impressed with the shop. The owner sells locally made goods and there’s a cute little coffee shop attached. They also have a space they hold classes in. You can read more about it HERE. So, when the shop owner messaged me to see if I’d want to come to the Maker’s Faire I said yes!

I’ve wanted to learn the cyanotype process for at least a year but being caught up with researching a potential move and subsequently organizing and packing-didn’t leave much time to explore new techniques. Once we settled in here it was the first thing I did! I’ve wanted to share my passion (obsession) for plants with others through my work for some time now and I love being able to do that through this process. I setup my table in my dining room so I could figure out how I’d display my work.

New setup style and look-Summer 2019

It took about two weeks for me to get it the way I wanted. It’s never easy to create an entire look for a space 10×10 (or smaller). It’s like setting up a special display at a store, which I have experience in, but still. When it represents YOU, it’s a different story.

I love this handmade easel made with wood from my friends home
Full setup including earrings-I’m still tweaking a few things
My little sign had to be held up by safety pins because I forgot string
New setup who dis?
Guys, this day was one of the hottest they’ve had all year but just look at this view

I had a great time in Jonesborough! The people there ARE SO NICE! Thanks to a nice lady I met named Anne, I was able to collect some Ginko leaves! I also found some other unique stuff that is currently being pressed and I will soon be able to make prints of them.

this is not a fancy pot leaf-it’s some sort of Japanese Maple
“Autumn Clematis” – Clematis terniflora is a plant in the buttercup family

I hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading and following.

~ Carmen